How Successful are Formal Weight Loss Programs?

The latest survey indicates that only 3% of those who said they had tried to lose weight, managed to complete formal weight loss programs.

On top of that, the success rate of programs is less than spectacular (Success rate = the proportion of people who weighed at least 10% less than their starting weight six months after finishing the entire program). Refer to Chart below

Program at local hospital or university 37%
Weight Watchers 29%
Jenny Craig 26%
Program at church/community center 25%
Other chain-diet program 22%
Program at health/fitness club 17%


The unfortunate conclusion from the results indicated in this Consumer Reports' survey is that less than 1 person out of every hundred achieves success with formal weight loss programs

(Average 26% of 3% who finish = 0.78 - less than 1 person out of every 100 people who started a formal program). It's little wonder then, why so much advertising is needed to continually draw people into these programs.

SOURCE:  Consumer Reports, June 2002, Pg 29, published by Consumers Union

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