Membership in Unicity Network opens many opportunities and benefits:
  1. Receive preferred/wholesale pricing on all products you wish to purchase at all times. This alone would save the cost of membership many times over for most members.
  2. Allow you to purchase all not-for-resale products available to Canadians
  3. Receive additional rebates on your monthly purchases subject to your monthly purchase volume and your accumulated purchase volume 
  4. Provides a superior platform for a home based business, as an Independent Business Owner (IBO), to earn additional income from a part time or full time interest in bringing health and wellness to family and friends.


US citizens can apply for membership online to START YOUR BUSINESS for $44.95 plus applicable State taxes.

The ID# of your referring IBO is 15088752 - Dalgrove Inc 





Canadian citizens can apply online to START YOUR BUSINESS for $39.95 plus PST and GST.

The ID# of your referring IBO is 15088752 - Dalgrove Inc 




As explained in the ordering section, Canadian products noted as not-for-resale (NFR) can be ordered only by Unicity members (IBO's - Independent Business Owners). In the wisdom of Health Protection Branch of Canada, these products are allowed into Canada on the restriction of personal use only. They may not be resold. To administer this restriction, Unicity requires that their members (IBO's) sign a separate NFR application whereby the member agrees to comply with NFR restrictions.

If you have applied for Canadian membership above, you should also make application for NFR membership. There is no additional cost above the $39.95 for the NFR application and the benefit is that all NFR products may be ordered at wholesale price. To obtain an NFR form, log into your internet Associate Office that will be assigned to you when you become a member. Under "My Business", select "Resource Library" and then "Price List - NFR" which includes an NFR membership form. Print and complete this form and fax or mail it to Unicity as shown.

The ID# of your referring IBO is 15088752 - Dalgrove Inc


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