Unicity Network

A phenomenon has taken place in the nutritional industry where the two strongest, most widely recognized and respected companies in the industry, Enrich International and Rexall Showcase International, have joined forces under Royal Numico, the world's largest and most respected nutritional company. The result is Unicity network, which provides you and others an unprecedented foundation to partner with the most compelling independent business opportunity in history.

The new millennium's fastest growing company:

- Growth rate over 30% per year the last 10 years

- 5th largest independent business opportunity

- Turnkey web page and e-commerce business model support

- Global income opportunities


Global Opportunity

USA, Canada, Eurasia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela


Over 300 of the safest and most effective nutritional and personal care products

- powerful natural healing remedies that work

- patented nutritional formulas

- scientifically based, backed by clinical studies

- exclusive high demand products with cutting-edge ingredients

- active compounds in their most potent form

- breakthrough wellness and anti-aging products


Our Goal At Unicity Network

Our goal is to improve the physical, mental, social and financial well-being of Unicity network Independent Business owners (IBO's), its employees, and families and communities throughout the world. We accomplish this by uniting a strong, stable corporation with a vigorous, growing IBO network. Together we apply principles of integrity, vision, innovation, teamwork, trust and quality as we provide science-based products and responsive services.

Enrich International: Innovation & Quality

Enrich International has a stellar reputation in the nutritional and personal care industry for exclusive, cutting-edge herbal wellness and ant-aging products. The story began in 1972, when the company's founder first encapsulated an herbal supplement for family use. Enrich's in-house research and development team introduced innovative nutritional and herbal products that propelled Enrich to the INC 500 Fastest growing Companies list 3 times. Enrich has a rich history of providing highly efficacious, natural herbal products to replace or reduce the use of pharmaceuticals and their side-effects. Enrich's pioneering weight loss supplement, Power Trim®, revolutionized the industry and in 1999, the company reinforced its leadership by launching the best-selling EnRich & Thin™ line Weight Loss System. In 1997, Enrich introduced the E International™ line of personal care products made to the highest standards in the world (significantly higher than North American standards. The line now includes several top-selling anti-aging products from renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Berman, including his exclusive mineral mask and Aboriginal Gold™, a unique botanical skin treatment. Enrich's high standards and quality products have been embraced worldwide. In Japan, Enrich International has broken records and led the industry in sales growth.


In 2000, Enrich merged with another founding company in the health industry and became Unicity Network International. This new company continues to excel with commitments to scientific efficacy and the highest quality of products possible at an affordable price

Unicity is going to revolutionize how we take care of ourselves and to Make Life Better

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