The six products contained in the EnRich & Thin™ Total Weight Loss System are all you’ll ever need to supplement your own exercise and healthy diet regimen. Here are successful, but very simple exercise and diet strategies that help keep the weight off as reported in a survey by Consumer Reports. 



Worked For


Tried By

Exercise at least three times a week

81% 73%
Increase physical activity in daily routines e.g. walk stairs 74% 40%
Reduce the amount of food eaten per meal 73% 57%
Eat fewer fatty foods 71% 79%
Eat fewer sweets and junk food 71% 75%
Eat more fruits and vegetables 68% 72%
Cut out snacking between meals 66% 52%
Drink fewer alcoholic beverages 63% 19%
Eat reduced-calorie or reduced-fat products 61% 65%
Eat smaller, more frequent meals 59% 26%

These are the strategies of the successful losers - the percentage of successful losers that tried them and then the percentage of success for each strategy for the successful losers that tried them. (Successful means maintaining at least a 10% weight loss for one year or more)

SOURCE:  Consumer Reports, June 2002, Pg 28, published by Consumers Union

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