Do you know or could you find 5 to 10 people who could benefit from Unicity's state-of-science nutritional supplements?

Let's keep this simple.

Could you talk to men about lowering cholesterol and/or talk to women about breast cancer prevention? These two subjects alone are of keen interest to half the adult population out there. And Unicity has the answers.

After becoming a member of Unicty, you can have your contacts order these clinically proven products directly from Unicity using your member ID number. That's all! Your contacts can be anywhere in the country. You simply refer them to the Unicity website storefront for ordering or dial-up an 800 number. Orders are tabulated by Unicity from your ID number and each month you will receive a commission cheque from Unicity (including a rebate on your purchases as well). No ordering, no inventory, no delivery, no billing, no collections.

Now how many orders would you need? That depends of course on the level of supplementation you desire for yourself and your family. Here are some examples:

Monthly Supplement Cost

Commission Rate and

Volume of Orders

10% 15% 20%
Self $40.00 400PV    
Self & Spouse $120.00   800PV  
Family $200.00     1000PV



Each Unicity product is assigned a product value (PV) and commissions are paid on the total PV of all orders for each month. Go to Unicity Storefront to see a complete list of products at wholesale cost and the PV of each product. Commission percentages are paid according to the level of total accumulated PV each month. So in the example above, if your total orders in a month, including your own, added to 800 PV, you would receive a commission cheque of $120.00, less a small Unicity admin charge. This would help offset the cost of your own supplements. This is is the simplest method to offset your supplement costs.

How To Get Started

Become a member of the largest, most reputable nutrition company in the world. Go to Membership and sign-up online. That's all!

As a member, you will have access to the extensive member's section of Unicity's website for product, marketing, admin and compensation information.

When you join, e-mail us and we will send a starter pack of information to help jump-start your effort.

Here are two links to our web pages that will be useful to introduce the products to your contacts.


Of course there are a lot more opportunities and resources with Unicity whereby you could earn a much larger income from a part time or even fulltime at-home business. But that's a different subject.

if you are interested in exploring the possibilities.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek advice from your health care professional regarding the diagnosis or treatment of any disease.

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